CW-X Stabilyx Tights Women’s (Insulated)

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  • 80% Coolmax, 20% Lycra
  • Imported
  • Flat seam construction eliminates abrasion, increases comfort

The patented CW-X EXO-WEB™ bands together the muscles and ligaments of the lower leg to stabilize the knee and reduce vibration for increased efficiency. The CW-X EXO-WEB™ also harnesses the midsection, supporting the lower abdominals, hips and back to channel power through the core. Variable compression facilitates circulation during and after activity, minimizing lactic acid build-up so that you can be active longer and recover faster. The Stabilyx tights provide optimum targeted support to the core and knees. They’re ideal for runners, for activities with lateral motion and for athletes seeking our best form of knee support.

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If you need something light to wear on your jogs that will keep you warm and not weigh you down, then the CW-X Insulator Performx Run Tights are right for you! The Stabilyx provides optimum targeted support to the hip, pelvic and knee joints for greater overall stability and endurance.  Coolmax gusseted crotch line.  Key pocket and waistband, double-reinforced with flat draw cord.


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